Making love to the morning wood

Making Love to the Morning Wood

We didn’t get much sleep during those days, closing opulent evenings with encores of passionate fuckingHe reached out to me because he sought the pleasure of an elegant ebony dinner date that extended into the morning hours.But it was much, much more than that. I call it the after effect because Eric (I’m not calling him by his real name) had this throbbing need that robbed him of his sleep. Almost every morning he awoke at dawn with an extreme erection that demanded attention. As much as he engaged himself, those white pearls of joy seemed to linger on the edge of multiple dry orgasms until finally he fell back to sleep after a long period of time. That is, until we met.

Even at the prime age of 51, Eric had a demanding libido that at times caused him to escape to the men’s room to urgently stroke his cock out of sheer testosterone relief. He’d lose concentration in the middle of an office meeting fantasizing about his secretary’s cleavage jiggling about as she distributed memos. Just imagine this dignified man getting a prominent rise in the midst of fellow executives.

Not the hobbying type, Eric turned to companionship in search of a lascivious lover and private confidante who could satisfy his urges both sexual and emotionalHe wanted a girlfriend who would be there for him during intimate moments. Eric’s needs went beyond just the physical. What Eric and I had together grew deeper every time we saw each other though personal boundaries were always respected. Dinners lingered past midnight; overnight engagements merged into long weekends and he always compensated my time beyond my expectations.

I have to admit, the chemistry was crazy and I was truly hot for him….

I remember one evening when it was Eric’s birthday. He was in town for an extended ‘business trip’ and had planned our weekend extravaganza. On the way to the restaurant, he instructed the driver to take the long route. As we toasted over champagne relaxing in the plush seats, caresses turned into deep, French kisses. Before I knew it, Eric savagely removed my dress revealing black silk stockings, a garter belt (which he always asked that I wear) and nipples protruding through my lace bra. He loved to watch the arch of my back as I leaned down to take all of him into my mouth. He grew harder and harder as my full lips and rhythmic tongue brought him to the edge of orgasm. But I knew when to stop because I certainly wanted a taste of ecstasy.

As I mounted him, Eric took first one breast and then the other into his mouth as he sucked until my nipples were hard and wonderfully sensitive. Honey dripping down my thighs, I almost came just from that! Pounding his cock, I slowed to a rocking motion as we both climaxed together, sending the driver into shock by our screams of delight. I had to laugh. Quickly we both refreshed and organized our clothing just as the limousine pulled to a stop in front of the hotel. What fun! I dabbed on a bit of red lipstick and Chanel No. 5 behind my ears as we both chuckled like young lovers.

I am sure at least a few people at the restaurant noticed the peaceful, radiant aura that surrounded us both but that was just the beginning of our evening. A pallet of aphrodisiacs awaited us along with vintage wine and fabulous conversation. As the pleasure continued, I thought about the days ahead, knowing that neither of us would get much sleep. But somehow those marathon weekends of wild love making and fanatical dining empowered us with adrenaline that put us into overdrive. I also knew that after a midnight nap, Eric would awaken me with his early morning wood invading me just as night welcomed the dawn.

It was an exhilarating way to greet the day as he took me from behind with my ass in his hands, pounding into me until we finally collapsed into a travesty of bedding. Rich, steamy coffee and croissants were a must. Eric took me in as I paraded around the suite wearing nothing at all, gathering my things for the shower. I knew he would join me as he always did. We lathered each other as he perfumed by body with scented oil, exploring the crevice between my legs and lingering around my breasts. Inevitably, we made love again for the steamy heat always got the best of us.

Eric loved my body and my personality even more. He took me on shopping sprees adorning me in lovely dresses, provocative lingerie and elegant, sexy evening wear that drove him mad with wanting. But the best part about the entire affair was the lightness of it all. There was no drama, no baggage so that when we parted ways, only ethereal memories remained, holding us over until Eric had to have another fix of our intimacy. Eventually, business called from overseas and our tryst concluded. We see each other on occasion when he is here in the States and our time together is just as special as it always was. xo xo