Sensual Splendor

Sensual Splendor “Don’t stop!” was all I could think. The fluid entered my mouth rich and warm with a little tanginess on the finish. Another drop upon my lips and I was ready for more. But I had to pace myself in preparation for a spectacular evening. He knew it and so withheld from giving me more. This extraordinarily beautiful vintage was Screaming Eagle circa 2011 and well worth the celebration of our exclusive evening. There is a certain unspoken eroticism when two lovers share such an unearthly vintage. Every sip represents sensuality at its finest. Fabulous lovemaking bows down to this mother of all aphrodisiacs knowing that the dark burgundy fluid will serve as the catalyst of our ecstasy.

Richard (I won’t use his real name) and I had been dating for years. Weekend trysts flew by as we always felt lost in time when together. Anticipation accompanied by fabulous conversation always preempted our evenings. You see, Richard was somewhat of a bon vivant and knew how to enjoy life. All the elements of an intoxicating evening seemed to fall right into place. As time sweetened, irresistible attraction became prominent.

But Richard knew how to sustain. Lingering over an elegant five-course meal at one of my favorite restaurants, we fed each other as the air grew thick with desire. I have no doubt that our chemistry could be heard crackling all over the dining room as other couples stared at us with envy. I grinned with pure satisfaction as Richard slowly reached up my skirt beneath the table, his eyes never leaving mine. I could feel the manliness of his hands against my silk stockings which he always insisted I wear. A new Jimmy Choo pump slipped off my foot as I massaged his manliness with my toes.

With desert nowhere near, I felt his hardness immediately demand my attention. I licked my lips, all the while our eyes locked as we discussed current events and the new book I was reading. I grew dizzy with craving not from the wine but from the sexual adrenaline that filled our conversation. To make matters better, the cuisine made love to our senses as the exotic aroma filled our lungs and the succulent flavors caressed our palates.

Richard was most pleased when I announced a trip to the lady’s room to refresh my lipstick and dab a bit of scent around my ears. In the subtlest of manner, he took in every inch of my body as I slowly stood from the table. Purposely, I hesitated, allowing his discrete gaze to devour me until he stood to move my chair, being the gentleman that he was. I dressed for Richard, except for those times when he surprised me with an outfit and AP lingerie to wear underneath. We had been dating for quite some time so he was familiar with my size and taste in fashion. I felt incredibly stunning in his gifts for his taste in clothing was no less exquisite than his taste in wine.

If you can imagine the sensuousness ofsuch a desirable evening, just imagine the explosion of passion that followed. Now, this is the way I like my man. We fulfilled each other on every level. I chuckle sometimes when Richard calls me his girlfriend. What an experience it is to share an uncomplicated liaison with all the rewards of a heated fling – time and time again.