How Food Can Affect Your Stress Levels

Simple methods such as breathing exercises,nutritious foods and self discipline are the initial tools in implementing  a healthy regime and relieving stress.These methods are not only cost effective but readily available – and without any side effects. Foods containing  high mineral and vitamin levels actively help to reduces stress levels,the fresher the food the better.

It is my experience it is proven that certain foods eaten can highly aggravate stress.Certain foods and drinks seem to feed off of these unhealthy foods,now it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should avoid some of them completely, just consume them in moderation.
Here is my list or compilation of foods that assist in the aggravation of stress



Fast Foods

Certain teas,coffee,energy drinks

Soft drinks,(high fructose,ugh)

Butter,Cheese,fried foods,oils

Coffee,tea, cocoa and energy drinks should most definetly be avoided when stressed. I certainly enjoy the benefits of certain energy drinks but it is to be avoided if your life consists of an already stressful routine.They may be refreshing for someone that’s tired but they also contain neuro-stimulators like caffeine and theo-bromine, which are proven to heighten stress. Stress makes you anxious – further stimulation can heighten this anxiety and even cause insomnia.

Fast foods,junk foods etc. are always delicious but are a far cry from a balanced and healthy diet. They contain high levels of fats ,proteins and carbohydrates that don’t contain vital minerals and vitamins, which can induce stress. Reducing stress is all about a balance of the correct vitamins and minerals, so it’s highly recommended to avoid all fast foods ,if not at least try(wink).

Beverages like soft drinks are packed with empty calories and contain zero vitamins or minerals. When stressed, a build-up of carbon dioxide and lactates in the body can result in a condition called ‘acidosis’, which is damaging to health. The high levels of carbon dioxide in beverages aggravates stress, therefore soft drinks need to be considered as an unnecessary addition to your diet.

Sugar should be avoided where possible when stressed – stress causes an increase in blood glucose levels, which can in turn lead to a higher risk of developing diabetes. Cheer up though, there are plenty of foods that are good for helping to reduce stress,such as fresh vegetables,fresh fruit,fish(certain types)yogurts ,herbal products,water,delicious soups etc. I may try a hot soup today on this gloomy cold day ,sure warms the insides!


Have a stressless day and happy eating!



Be Happy


No Time to Waste


Life is too short to moan
About things you cannot change
But, aren’t we all orange?
My poor shattered body groans
Reality is a staircase leading nowhere.

kids in mud

Do something that makes you happy
I surely would, if I could
Like children playing in the mud
Without a care in the world
Could truly say they’re happy.


One, two, three, it’s as easy as that
It’s all about mind over matter
Watching the bulky chunks float to the ground
Searching for solace out of kilter
The phoenix rises astronomically bound.

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