Gift Info! Thank You my Sweets

Here is a quick note for all those who inquired on purchasing me a special gift for me!!
Some of my favorite places and a few specific gifts I may want are listed below but as always you are welcome to purchase something tasteful and thoughtful of your choosing too.
I love the Matinee Kimono
 The sleek black  jeweled jetset travel envelope clutch or The Black Hamilton Saffiano Tote or any gift item of your choosing!
 Pumps/Pigalle 130 mm black in color size 41.5
any beautiful lace underwear,preferabbly red or black size small .bra size 36c Any clothing such as jeans size (4) long,tops size small or 2 or extra small dress size small or extra small!with this brand only  gift cards gift cards


Thanks for your sincere inquiries and I am so appreciative of all you do for me.

Kisses xo xo xo
Happy Holidays
Please email me for the mailing address.


Happy Holidays to You All!

Special Thank you to all my sincere friends you have been so supportive and kind to me I wish you continued success and countless days of blissful happiness ..Happy Holidays xo xo xo